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A photographic documentation

People are unpredictable. How do they think? How do they live, what is their philosophy of life?

Herlinde Koelbl is one of the most important German photographers of our time and best known for her long-term projects. She looked into “Das Deutsche Wohnen” (1980), visited Shoah survivors for Jewish portraits (1989) and accompanied Angela Merkel, Joschka Fischer and Frank Schirrmacher for many years for Traces of Power – The Transformation of Man through Office (1999).

The result is an artist brochure about her life, her works and the process of creation. Her works are presented chronologically in the form of a timeline that runs through the entire brochure. The process of creation and the people portrayed themselves come into focus. The stories are told in a dialogue. People only open up when they believe that the other does not want to encircle them. It is a togetherness. This thought is integrated in the form of quotes and descriptions of the portrayed. Large-format pictures packed in a subtle layout focus on Herlinde Koelbl’s work.