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blazer analysis

Angela Merkel is probably the most powerful woman in the world, the informal queen of Europe. It is followed and analyzed by the public at every turn. The concise short hairstyle, the Merkel diamond and especially the blazers in Edition Suhrkamp colors have become trademarks. The secret of the blazer colors has not yet been deciphered. At this point, the following data visualization should connect and allow conclusions to be drawn about the choice of the blazer color of Angela Merkel. For a better assessment of the color choice, its significance is included in the analysis. In the data collection, the blazer colors of Angela Merkel from the past ten years of her reign in the Federal Republic are considered. For this purpose, photos were collected from a wide variety of events and opportunities. In the evaluation, a categorical evaluation of the photos took place according to the parameters color, subject or occasion and location. Superordinate categories were created for colors, occasions and locations. A homepage was chosen as the format for the data visualization. Displayed as a one-pager, this page is created as an “endless page” with horizontal scrolling. Pie chart and bar chart were combined for data visualization. This enables several parameters to be included in the evaluation. In this way, a category-related representation of the colors and the respective location could be included. In order to enable a comparison of a color between the categories, a second evaluation was carried out. This was implemented in the form of a bar chart. The user is offered the color evaluation of a category and the category evaluation of a certain color alternately. The interaction of the user takes place in a playful way. In addition to classic interaction formats such as diagrams and the associated display of information about a hover effect, the user is encouraged to discover the topic on their own. The countless combination options in the interaction give the user a lot of leeway and control over the data. The integration of animations gives the evaluation a dynamic.


HsH, Hochschule Hannover