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international museums day

Museums in the cultural landscape

Museums are nodes in a widely ramified cultural network that shapes our cities and regions. Their collections and exhibitions bear witness to the dynamic cultural developments that shape our cultural landscape. Phenomena such as demographic change, migration, economic and ecological developments change cultures. Museums reflect these changes: They protect, preserve and present cultural forms of expression, images and stories and in this way make cultural identity and diversity tangible and visible. The museum does not end at its walls or fences, but crosses borders – to other cultural sectors, to the environment, to the surrounding area, to the region, to other countries and, last but not least, to the media. An illustrative implementation and critical examination of the topic followed. In the field of tension between technical innovations, interventions in the environment and society and cultural change. A lovely, playful impression that only reveals its meaning in the details with a second look, a closer look, and creates space for interpretation.

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