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This relation is not chosen.

“This relation is not chosen.” is an experimental essay film, a personal and introspective exploration of the complex father relationship, an exploratory look at patriarchal structures and how they can shape the identity and relationship of those involved. It shows how one’s own fathers, loved and admired, play a role in maintaining patriarchal relationships. Whether a feminist position can proclaim objectivity for itself in this context is addressed here. In order to test the existence of patriarchal structures, to eliminate bias and subjectivity of one’s own position, a multiplicity of perspectives is included and the female perspective is supplemented with the male perspective.The realization of one’s own objectivity and the deep rootedness of the structures is coupled with a dilemma. Can something be loved that should actually be hated? Can one’s own father be loved even though he is a patriarchist? A staggering movement develops, a balancing act between self-preservation and relationship preservation. At the end there is reconciliation.