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Environmental Card Game

In the ship breaking industry seem not many regulations to apply. The safety of the workers, the working conditions or the wage are dictated. Environmental impact does not seem to be an issue. But is it not? Or is just nobody talking about it.

Two or more people can participate in the game. The cards are shuffled and dealt evenly. You assess which category is the strongest of your ship, name the category and the value aloud. All players now name the corresponding data of their top card, and the player whose card has the best value wins the top card of all other players and places it under their own deck.

Usually the highest value is considered the best. But is it really desirable to have the highest value. The game opens up room for discussion. The card game sensitizes and discloses issues which seem to be unaddressed. Not only a trail of descontruction is pictured but rather the damage this act causes to the environment is questioned.

Where do ships go to die?

Located in Gadani, Pakistan, is the 3rd biggest Shipbreaking Yard in the world. Ships go there on a last cruise.

But what does the final resting place of the ships look like?