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  XING is a Hamburg-based career-oriented social networking site, operated by New Work SE. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. Services: Illustration Design, Print Design, Stationary, Video Animation, Merchandise etc.

  Deep Creek started as a small brewery in 2011 in the Auckland suburb of Browns Bay and has since blown up on the international stage – across the ditch and further afield in Asia and Europe. Services: Can Design, Merchandise, Stationary,

Continuity and change have shaped not only what is visible on the outside, the school grounds, but also what really makes school: teaching and school development, the cooperation of the school community, the location of the school in the district as well as international encounters. The

14th August 2018, 08:01 Josef Zweck: »You cannot do anything. You are never gonna be German. The islamic state does not belong to Germany.« Three different questions regarding the topic cliches and prejudice were discussed by three experts on three evenings in the

Is there a truth and if how many? The web is a connection of a lot of different opinions, information and interests. To place a position in this constellation is sometimes really hard or even impossible – it is getting a balacing act. Because not

Christopher Nolan's thriller »Memento« is about an alleged murder, its investigation and revenge. The particular attraction, however, does not lie in the plot, but in the intelligent narrative structure, which takes up the issue of memory loss. This stylistic device

Angela Merkel is probably the most powerful woman in the world, the informal queen of Europe. It is followed and analyzed by the public at every turn. The concise short hairstyle, the Merkel diamond and especially the blazers in Edition

Portrait series in the shower. Behind the drops and haze, faces, characteristics and appearance can be vaguely imagined.Details remain hidden and reserved for your own imagination. The function of the classic portrait is overridden here.